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With 1 Word BHAG!

Feb 25, 2020

BHAG! Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goal! I have selected one each year for the past however long I can remember. The reason I subject myself to something each year is because sometimes I succeed, while always having tried.

My 2019 BHAG! was a physical challenge that changed me physically and emotionally. The self-imposed challenge was to bring awareness to and overcome the stigmatism that is Burpees. You may be amongst the everyone who hates Burpees, but you must acknowledge that everything is in a Burpee and Burpee’s are in EVERYTHING! How can you hate something that has everything!

The self-challenge was measured by 2 inputs –To Showcase 365 unique modalities of Burpee and complete an aggregate of 1 Burpee for each day of the year, i.e. On day 150 I would complete 150 Burpees and on day 151 is would complete 151 – so on and so forth. I made it to Day 186, having completed upward of 34,000 Burpees, with a bulging disc and pinched never in my neck, not because of the volume of burpee, but because I moved neck incorrectly while working on a modality.

Once I recovered from this malady the Burpee BHAG! will be there waiting for me, and I look forward to its completion. “If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” is a most salient quote by Banksy that speaks to my core beliefs.

The time is 2020, the year to draw upon the clarity of personal experience in hindsight with visions of a bountiful future.


- Play 200 games of With 1 Word - W1W in 2020.

This story sharing technique draws upon tenets of Long Form Improv and Design Writing for the creation of spontaneous personal story. The easiest way to understand, in principle how the game With 1 Word – W1Wtmworks click this LINKIf you watched the video and are interested in knowing more about participating email me at – [email protected] .

-Post 2 Blogs Monthly

Try a BHAG! You may finish while always having tried.

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