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ShoutOutColorado: Articulated Intelligence in the News!

Jan 12, 2021

We're thrilled to share that Alyce Blum, Co-Founder of Articulated Intelligence was featured in shoutoutcolorado!

Alyce shared, " We’ve turned the intimidating thought of presenting and storytelling into a fun and gamified experience that gives people the confidence, tools, and know-how to present to all types of audiences. Our approach and story game boards help people find stories (remembered and forgotten) for all kinds of situations, lay them out visually, then move the story elements around to see how that impacts delivery. Kind of choose your own adventure style.

Storytelling creates trust and empathy, a faster way to build relationships, an easier way to understand data, concepts, and value. As a leader you become more relatable to your teams and your peers which leads to better productivity. As an individual contributor your ideas are heard and recognized and your team relationships grow stronger which leads to higher job satisfactions.

What's your story? Let's connect!

Read the entire piece here -

#whatisyourstory #networkingworks

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