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Do NOT “Fall in Love”...

Feb 26, 2020

My trepidation is not finding words, I am filled with those. 

My pause in writing a blog come in the form of getting wrapped up in mechanics, punctuation, tense, and sentence structure of the writing. This likely explains why I prefer the spoken word over the written word, as I tend to fret too much about the completion of proposals and the sculpting of emails which can end up being too fluffy and labored to read.

I can recall my first writing assignment as a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps. I was writing an article on the cannibalization of war-damaged Humvees returning from Desert Storm. I had selected a lonesome, bullet-ridden hulk as the focal point of my exposeˊ. I labored lovingly over the language that brought this put-out-to-pasture wreckage to life. I presented the piece to Staff Sergeant Alvarado for editing and was taken aback by the amount of red ink he used to disembowel the heart and soul of my article. I fought for each word that did get printed and learned a valuable lesson that day. Do NOT Fall in Love with what you have written, for the simple swipe of a red pen will crush you.

It is easier said than done, but that is why I am writing - to find my voice with the written word.

I spend quite a lot of my professional time speaking about the benefits of balancing soft and hard skills. In fact, the logo for Articulated Intelligence depicts how our focus on the soft skills of communication, with an emphasis on personal storytelling through public speaking, can bring balance to a person’s personal brand. Click this LINK to hear our story and see the creation of the Articulated Intelligence logo.

With 1 Word, is the foundational product of Articulated Intelligence, designed to draw out the personal stories that make us all so unique. The power and impact of sharing a personal story are immense for whomever we are connecting with. The Personal Story elevates the listener’s trust because they relate to the experiences, feelings, and values that the personal story represents.

A sensation of “they are just like me” washes over when you hear something of a personal nature.

The second powerful aspect of the personal story is delivered when we intertwine the cerebral neocortex Facts and Statistics, or the Metaphors and Lessons Learned. By combining Personal Story and Content we increase the retention of values, vision, and message by the audience, much in the same way you connected with my experience as a young writer in the Marine Corps and learning to not fall in love with what you have written.

The hardest part of telling stories is finding the stories worth telling. With 1 Word is the writing for personal storytelling technique that gives you the ability and permission to draw upon the memories, experiences, and knowledge that make you unique. By regularly playing W1W you will become more adept at recalling the experience, shaping them into impactful messages and getting in the sharing repetitions to prepare for any of life's stages.

The application of Story Telling With 1 Word is the topic for my next blog – TrustWorking With 1 Word - Networking only works once trust has been established. TrustWorking W1W develops your ability, etiquette and guarantees success in any social environment.

Life Well Spoken,
Keith MJ Bailey

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