Master Storytelling for Job Interviews

What is an interview if not a series of short stories about the you? So why not approach interview preparation by learning how to incorporate stories into your responses? We know stories create connections. We know it’s important to create a connection with the interviewer. We know interviewers are going to remember stories about our experience vs a long list of accomplishments. Knowing all these things to be true, Inner Compass Coach (Career Coaching) and Articulated Intelligence (Communication/Storytelling Coaching) created a systematic approach to search for, shape and share stories, related to our experience, that create connections, leave a memorable impact, and gets us hired.

Now just because it’s systematic doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, we created a game out of it. In each of the Modules participants work with different story gameboards to build foundational storytelling skills then move into more specific exercises to learn how to answer the inevitable “Tell Me About” questions as well as how to build SARM (Situation/Action/Results/Message) stories. The course is packed with examples of live coaching, a gameboard of 30 common interview questions, opportunities to practice out loud, Quick Reference Guides, and bonus videos including Pre/During/Post Checklists. You can checkout more details about the course on our course page.

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How To Use Virtual Backgrounds As Your Presentation Deck in Zoom

Tired of being that tiny talking head in the corner when you share your screen.  If you were in person, it's akin to bringing your slides up on the screen, walking out of the room and presenting your material from the other side of the wall.  It doesn't have to be that way. 

Without any additional equipment needed you can stay in the foreground, present your material and stay connected with your audience.  This course provides instruction for building your slides in Canva, Google Slides, Keynote or PowerPoint, designing them with the correct proportions, downloading them in the required format and uploading them so you can move through them with ease. 

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