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Advice, Take It or Leave it

Have you ever thought about why you take some people’s advice but don’t take others?  Or, on the flip side, why people do or don’t take yours? If you are a professional, well really, if you are a human being, you are regularly giving and taking advice.  As a professional, you are giving or receiving advice on buying a product and/or service, following a process, embracing an idea, rallying behind a mission…  As a human being, you are giving or receiving advice on relationships, parenting, diet/exercise, politics…

In this video blog Keith gives advice on how to make advice, more effective, when giving or receiving it.  

You can take it or leave it!

At Articulated Intelligence we work with professionals and all human beings to help make advice more concise, specific, and memorable. If you are in the business of giving advice, and aren't we all, reach out.

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