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If Networking Is So Important How Come No One Has Taught Me How?
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Got Networking Atrophy? ~ Tips To Build, Manage, and Flex Your Network
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If Networking Is So Important How Come No One Has Taught Me How?

GOOD FOR:   Career Development | Business Development | Networking Event Prep | Trade Show Prep

Let’s face it, 99% of us feel a bit introverted when it comes to networking.  Whether you are a little or a lot introverted, this workshop provides strategies and tactics to capitalize on networking opportunities and increase your RON (return on networking).  When you approach networking with a planned outcome, a “go-giver” mindset, confidence building tactics, and strategies on how to enter and exit conversations, you might find you actually enjoy it.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Recognize Innate Business Development Skills | Tap Into The Power Of One’s Originality | A Plan And Boundaries To Increase Your RON

I participated in a webinar taught by Alyce and Keith in preparation for the American Translators Association Conference last weekend. I am not the queen of networking and Alyce's tips literally doubled the benefit from this conference. She sort of unleashed the last layer of shyness in me and I just walked straight up to people! Body language was one of the things I didn't consciously apply before and it's so important! I am really grateful and impressed!
~ Marguerite Storm-Delacroix


GOOD FOR: Networking Icebreaker | Mixer | Networking Preparation | Trade Show Preparation | New Hire Onboarding 

“What do you do?” is the most common question when getting to know someone.  BORING! And not very effective for building quick rapport and making lasting connections.  Why? Because we build connections through common interests, shared experiences, and intrigue.  Talking about what you do does not incorporate these main ingredients for building lasting connections.  Using the With 1 Word® Storytelling Method learn how to put the person before the profession by leading with stories and be the last person to ask the typical first question, what do you do?  

KEY TAKEAWAYS:  Lasting Connections | New Way of Networking | New Stories to Tell 



GOOD FOR:   Team Building | Career Development | Business Development | Networking Preparation 

At the root of all meaningful and long-term relationships is trust.  Creating teams and building professional connections with high levels of trust leads to increased productivity, innovation, and long-term engagement.  We realize not everyone has the same level of comfort and natural ability to communicate, connect, and collaborate.  Through our interactive and playful approach leveraging improv, storytelling, and team challenges we build communication confidence, teach connection tactics, and enhance team trust. 

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Deepen Professional Relationships | Become More Relatable | Build Your Speaking Skills | Increase Productivity | Lower Costs


Strategic Introductions/Pitch Series

From Boring to Brand Worthy - Intros & Pitches that Build Relationship Equity

GOOD FOR: Business/Personal Development | Sales Teams | Businesses Defining/Redefining Themselves | Brand Ambassadors

Without a memorable introduction how will potential clients remember you from the 100s of people they meet? If you simply say I am an attorney, an engineer, a financial planner, how does that differentiate you from the 1000s of others out there? And, if you don’t create quick rapport in your initial interaction why would they want to know more about you or do business with you vs someone else?  In this interactive workshop you’ll build an intriguing introduction and a “WHY” story that makes you memorable and drives business. 

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Repeatable Process for Creating Meaningful Pitches | An Intro You're Excited to Share | Storytelling Method to Find Your Why

I've spent a lifetime public speaking/presenting both in and outside of work (not a humble brag just level setting). Those two (Alyce/Keith) inspire me. It's rare to come across really kind speakers of their caliber."
~ Session Attendee

Create Engaging Virtual Presentations With 1 Word®

GOOD FOR:  Anyone Who Has To Present Virtually

In this session you’ll learn  Articulated Intelligence’s  approach on collecting your content, organizing it and then delivering it in a powerful and memorable way.  You’ll see how to visually lay out your entire presentation to ensure you are incorporating audience engagement, visuals, and stories, using the With 1 Word gameboards.  You'll also learn one of the most powerful techniques for staying present with your audience instead of becoming that tiny person in the box.   Whether your content just needs a refresh or you’re starting from the very beginning we’re here to help you with every aspect of delivering a powerful presentation. 

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Approach for Building in Elements of Engagement and Memorable Stories | Flexible Method for Creating and Modifying Your Presentation | Create Visuals That Keep You in the Foreground and Not a Little Talking Head


Got Networking Atrophy?

Tips To Build, Maintain, and Flex Your Network


It's been a while since we've all been out there and our networking skills are likely a bit atrophied.  However, networking is still the most effective way people find new professional opportunities, whether they need a new job or are growing a business/building a book of business.  Having a strategy around the time and energy one spends networking is key to seeing results and long-term success.  In this keynote you'll learn how to focus on three main areas to help you get back out there and see a Return on Networking.

  • Build: Identify Insiders Vs. Outsiders (Sphere of Influence)
  • Maintain: Creating systems that are scalable and consistent
  • Flex: Ways to leverage follow ups to grow your business and influence

Live A Storied Life

The most powerful person in any room is the storyteller.  Why? because they can get buy in for their ideas from the CEO, they can convince HR to give them a promotion, and they can highlight to Finance why their budget should be approved.  Storytelling can help you in nearly every activity – networking, interviews, meetings, presentations, social events, and conversations around the dinner table.  A story can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, like do you have similar interests, common experiences or shared values.

During this keynote you’ll learn the With 1 Word® Storytelling Method showing you a gamified approach to search for stories for any situation, how to shape them for maximum impact, and how to share them with authenticity and confidence.