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Stories aren't just for bedtime... 

Stories are an effective way to get your ideas across, to sell your products and services and to create meaningful connections. 


Sound like you when thinking of storytelling or presenting?

✔ Feel like you don't have interesting stories to tell?

✔ Memorizing every word you will say and all up in your head so you don't really show up?

✔ Dread the thought of networking events, I mean how many times can you talk about the weather?

✔ Are you a great communicator and looking to take it up a notch?

✔ Is managing Zoom on your own distracting from, rather than enhancing your overall story/brand?

Using our With 1 Word™ gamified approach we teach you:

✔ How to tap into your bottomless well of interesting stories

✔ How to craft your stories for impact and incorporate them into presentations, pitches, networking, and everyday interactions

✔ How to stop memorizing so the true you comes through ('cause you are pretty awesome)

✔ How to approach networking events as a game and how to chat about more than the weather

✔ How to come through on Zoom like a rock star with easy hacks and behind and in front of the scenes support

Once you learn this approach, you can't unlearn it. 

You will forever live a storied life.

Custom Coaching
Zoom Concierge

Let the Games Begin

Our workshops, eCourses, small group coaching and individual coaching incorporates a gamified approach to build speaking skills and speaking confidence so you don't even realize you are “public speaking”.   Yeah, we are tricky like that.  And, we focus on speaking about stuff you already know well, really well, personal life experiences.


Networking Events/Strategies

Imagine looking forward to networking, getting something out of your time spent and creating lasting connections.  No, this isn't some crazy fantasy world. We can show you how to make it a reality with a simple plan and a great story.

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Team Building 

Being on a team that riffs, jokes, has team shorthand and gets stuff done is way more fun and fulfilling than the alternative.  Create your dream team with our storytelling approach to team building.  

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Business/Career Development

Storytelling makes you more relatable, provides a more effective way to get your ideas embraced and opens up a quicker way to grow your business.  And let’s be honest, it makes meetings, presentations, sales pitches, networking events, pretty much everything, way more interesting.

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Storytelling for Interviewing

What is an interview if not a series of short stories? We've partnered with an incredible career coach, combining her know how with our storytelling approach to create an eCourse that not only makes you memorable, but hired!

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Engaging Virtual Presentations

What you say is but a portion of your story. How you interact with your audience, your vocal variety, your presence on the "stage", how you manage Zoom, are all part of your professional brand story. We can help you from run of show to coaching you on delivery, from visuals keeping you front and center to "running the boards".

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Here's What Happens When You Work with Us

  • You learn a repeatable format that gives you the confidence to craft and deliver darn good stories
  • Dare we say you will start thinking it is fun to speak "publicly"
  • You create stronger bonds with teams, customers, new acquaintances, by having a shared experience, learning commonalities and developing a deeper understanding of each other through personal stories (sounds kind of fluffy but it's true)
  • Connections are created, understanding is achieved and nirvana is within reach
I've Got to See This
"The genius of Articulated Intelligence is they have turned the intimidating thought of presenting and storytelling into a fun and gamified experience that gives you the confidence, tools, and know-how to present to all types of audiences." ~ Eric Schroen

What That Translates to from a Business Perspective

Storytelling leads to higher productivity, job satisfaction, and overall business success. We all know those who “speak pretty"  (aka tell good stories) tend to get their ideas embraced, their products purchased, and their services utilized.
I Want That
A good story does what nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in fertilizers do to plant growth. It can supercharge the value proposition of a business (or a person)." ~  Mira Nair

Don't Just Take It From Us

If you would like to talk to current or former clients, we'll put you in touch, we know they'd be happy to tell you a good story.
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What Peeps Are Saying

Thanks for the Shout Out

Utilizing the With 1 Word™ story creation method we riffed with Karl to create a brand story he then brought to life via whiteboard animation to showcase what he does, but as important why he does it. Check out the collaborative process and end result by clicking the button below. You can check out more of Karl's talents at

Karl Wimer

Business Owner | Marketing & Design

See Whiteboard Animation

"Thanks for giving me a tool  (to find stories)  that I can use in any of my keynotes or trainings to make each event much more memorable to my audience." 

Jenn DeWall

Career & Life Coach

See Video Testimonial

"Keith spent time with me preparing every aspect of the 'run of show' and he was ready with creative ideas to best bring my message to light. Importantly, he also guided me through his proprietary system of virtual slide development that allowed me to move from being the “little guy in the box” sharing his slides on Zoom, to a full-bodied and powerful presenter with vibrant and interactive visual aids for my audience."

Chris Natzke

Black Belt Leadership Speaking & Coaching

Letter of Recommendation