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The Solution To Unintentional Audience Abuse.

Leadership Development
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Team Building | Emcee Services | Keynotes
Company Retreat Planning & Activity Facilitation
Articulated Intelligence, LLC

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Articulated Intelligence is a leadership development firm focused on enriching networking, presentation, and storytelling skills to build relationships, promote ideas, pitch products & services, and make human interaction more interesting and memorable. 

We believe, to teach these skills, we must also practice them, which is why we also deliver keynotes and provide emcee services to ensure we are getting in our reps!

And, we deliver it all - coaching, workshops, programs series, emcee services, keynotes - with humor and elements of improv.


At Articulated Intelligence, we offer a range of services to help you amplify your efforts and achieve your goals.  We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, and work with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

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We are proud of the success our clients have achieved with our programs. This is what they have to say about their experience working with Articulated Intelligence and how we helped them achieve their goals.

Marguerite - Translator

"I participated in a webinar taught by Articulated Intelligence in preparation for the our Association Conference. I am not the queen of networking and the things I learned in the webinar literally doubled the benefit from this conference. AI sort of unleashed the last layer of shyness in me and I just walked straight up to people! Body language was one of the things I didn't consciously apply before and it's so important! I am really grateful and impressed!"

Saul - Event Manager

More than just a one off ‘workshop’. Articulated Intelligence provided an overall experience’ from the early stages of planning, during the workshop itself, and thereafter. From the first introductory meeting their enthusiasm and passion for storytelling, public speaking, and all things related was immediately evident and we felt they was a perfect fit for our company and our team in North America.

Lynn -

From fearful to fantastic, that was my journey working with Articulated Intelligence. I came to them with a fear of public speaking. Ironic, since my work is to be great on-camera but the same skills don't apply to the stage. AI dedicated themselves to not only helping me overcome this fear but helping me craft a compelling, fun and FUNNY keynote that gave me added confidence I needed to nail it. I did and it was all because of my work with AI. Thank you!
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