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What we know to be true is people do business with people they know, like, and trust.  The stories you tell, the way you network, the confidence and charisma you convey when presenting are all skills that can be developed to create long lasting connections. 

Workshops can be delivered as keynotes, breakout sessions, or combined to create a program series.
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Do you have a rice cooker?  It’s benign questions like this and the conversations that follow that keep employees at an organization. Not money, not sexy titles, not snacks. These are the kind of conversations you have with friends and simply put; friends make the workplace sticky (in a good way). Instead of relying upon ping pong tables and kombucha on tap to draw and retain employees, imagine focusing on something that doesn’t cost extra and is proven to make people think twice before leaving an organization…helping people at work become friends. In this session you’ll learn a storytelling activity that helps people learn if they have common interests, shared values and similar backgrounds which starts creating trust, the foundation of friendship.

Learning Outcomes/Training Goals:

  • Experience the power of a easy to implement activity to help people in your organization know, like, and trust each other quickly whether virtual or in person

  • Provide employees a tool for building relationship equity to help with teamwork, management skills, sales, and service

  • Create a culture of storytellers to drive retention and build resilience

TrustWorking (Team Building)

At the root of all meaningful and long-term relationships is trust. Creating teams and building professional connections with high levels of trust leads to increased productivity, innovation, and long-term engagement.  Plus being on a team that riffs, jokes, has team shorthand, and just gets stuff done is way more fun and fulfilling than the alternative. We realize not everyone has the same level of comfort and natural ability to communicate, connect, and collaborate.  Through our interactive and playful approach leveraging improv, storytelling, and team challenges we build communication confidence, teach connection tactics, and enhance team trust. With these heightened skills the team will be ready to tackle challenges and accomplish the goals ahead. 


Learning Outcomes/Training Goals: 

  • Deepen professional relationships through shared activities and experiences

  • Become more relatable by learning more about colleagues than just their profession

  • Build speaking skills without even realizing you are doing it

  • Increase productivity by creating stronger communication channels and higher levels of empathy for when you know what hits the fan

If Networking Is So Important How Come No One Has Taught Me How?

We’ve all been told that networking is critical for business, for leadership and for building communities, yet typically it’s not taught in school, at home, or at work. We are here to change that.  Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert (and let’s be real, 99% of us feel a bit introverted when it comes to networking) this session provides strategies, tactics and practical application to increase the breadth and depth of your relationships and amplify your Return on Networking (RON).   We’ll start with how to prepare for a networking event (goals, mindset), we’ll move on to execution (enter/exit conversations, intros), then finish the session off with ideas for follow up (LinkedIn, potato parcels). 


Learning Outcomes/Session Goals

  • Pre-networking activities to build confidence, reduce anxiety, and define goals

  • Learn ways to enter/exit conversations, a unique way to introduce yourself and alternative opening questions so you are the last person to ask the typical first question “What do you do?” 

  • Post-networking tips for nurturing newly formed relationships

Crafting Strategic Introductions That Differentiate & Spark Conversation

Without a memorable introduction how will people remember you from the 100s of people they meet?  Let your introduction be the on ramp for further conversation, provide insight into who you are beyond just your profession, and help keep you top of mind.   In this session we develop two different ways to introduce yourself.  One focused on bringing personal elements into your introduction.  The other focused on creating memorable sound bites from the how’s, what’s and why’s of what you do and highlighting them through a short story/anecdote.  Meeting clients for the first time, have to introduce yourself for short list interviews, going to a trade show, tired of seeing people's eyes glaze over when you tell them what you do then this is the workshop for you. 


Learning Outcomes/Training Goals: 

  • Repeatable process for creating meaningful introductions and pitches

  • Access to the “soundbite generator” to create stories, anecdotes, and snippets around what, how, and why you do what you do

  • An introduction you're excited to share

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The Stories We Tell

Professionals who incorporate stories into their presentations, keynotes, and day to day interactions are able to  inspire, connect, and move people to action.  We all, at some level, understand why storytelling is effective.  The bigger challenge is the how.  How do we find stories to use?  How do we make them interesting and memorable?  How do we share stories with authenticity and confidence?  In this session we focus on the how.  Participants will learn the With 1 Word® storytelling method to find stories for different situations and audiences, work through a process to shape them so they hold an audience's attention, then share them out loud, as they always sound different when spoken versus in our heads.  


Learning Outcomes/Training Goals: 

  • Apply the With 1 Word® storytelling method to find stories for any situation

  • Leverage the SARM formula to shape story to be concise, specific, and memorable

  • Share stories, repeatedly, to significantly transform the stories and build confidence

  • Receive live coaching from the facilitator(s) to improve story elements

Cultivating Connections

Once you’ve created a client connection, the way you interact with that client moving forward defines if the relationship will sprout and grow or die on the vine.  In this session participants will learn how to invest in their clients to grow their relationship equity.  Relationship equity is the trust, understanding, and empathy that exists when you know more about a person than just their profession.  It creates strong rapport to move business and ideas forward and creates the wherewithal to weather storms that inevitably arise.


Learning Outcomes/Training Goals: 

  • Leverage tactics from three different levels of relationship equity investment strategies

  • Get practical experience asking “Best Questions” to learn more about clients and tailor conversation for best outcomes

  • Practice finding stories to weave into conversations to help highlight important points and to give clients an opportunity to get to know, like, and trust you

Networking Behind The Screen

In this session you'll learn skills for ‘behind the screen’ networking and overall relationship building that can be implemented immediately. You will walk away with concrete tools to generate value driven content, simple yet effective strategies to become thought leaders on LinkedIn, and tactics to continue building relationship equity with people all over the world.  If you weren't sure why LinkedIn networking matters will start with "why you should care", then learn how art of connecting, commenting, liking and posting.  We'll wrap up with ideas for generating content and creating a LinkedIn habit. 

Learning Outcomes/Training Goals: 

  • Understand the importance of using LinkedIn as a tool to build your brand and that of your organization

  • Hear success stories landing new clients and referral partners by effectively using LinkedIn 

  • Create relevant and value added content using Articulated Intelligence’s trademarked technique With 1 Word ®

  • Commit to a practice of interacting on LinkedIn on a consistent basis 

Create Engaging Presentation

In this session you’ll get exposure to the elements that make up an impactful presentation. We’ll start with presentation ideation, identifying critical elements like audience participation and stories, which should be a part of every presentation.   We’ll jump into building a run of show, your presentation playbook to keep you focused and on time.  Your run of show informs building your deck so we’ll touch on what should and should not be included in your presentation deck.  Finally we’ll wrap up with presentation delivery tips to create additional impact and memorability.  


Learning Outcomes/Training Goals: 

  • Understand the critical elements to include in every presentation

  • Learn a presentation ideation process to build a flexible framework for presentations

  • See an example run of show which will guide you as you present

  • Practice delivery mechanics that will change the impact of your presentation

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Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Results Debrief Session

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I.) is an attitudinal assessment, which measures your level of energy based on your attitude, perception, and perspective of the world. By working with an E.L.I. certified coach and using the results, you can begin to consciously incorporate the findings in your interactions.  Be the cause of your professional and personal choices rather than the effect. 


Prior to the debrief session each participant will take the E.L.I. Assessment.  The online assessment takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes and provides significant insights into how each person currently operates when they’re stress free and while they’re under stressful conditions.  The  debrief session will go through the 7 different energy levels, the advantages and disadvantages of each and how to use this understanding to turn ambition into achievement.

Learning Outcomes/Training Goals: 

  • Create a common understanding and language with which to communicate 

  • Recognize the seven distinct levels of energy that are the key to understanding why people think and act the way they do, in life and specifically within the workplace

  • Distinguish truly effective leaders from those who deplete the energy of the people around them and specific techniques to shift energy levels to inspire peak performance

  • Become a powerful leader who motivates yourself and others to reach their true potential.

  • Identify the Big Four Energy Blocks and discover proven techniques and strategies for overcoming these and other obstacles to success

  • Develop the ability to shift internal energy to meet any leadership challenge and use this newfound power to inspire respect, confidence, and loyalty in others

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