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You know the WHY of storytelling for business success, we will show you the HOW, With 1 Word ®


Workshops and Coaching Services can be tailored for your organization, just ask.


GOOD FOR: Networking Icebreaker | Mixer | Networking Preparation | Cross Functional Team Building | New Hire Onboarding 

“What do you do?” is the most common question when getting to know someone.  BORING! and not very effective for building quick rapport and making lasting connections.  Why?  What if they are a sewer cleaner and you have no interest in learning more about that?  It can be a conversation killer. And, people are so much more than what they do.  In our StoryConnecting workshop we challenge you to be the last one to ask the “what do you do” question.

KEY TAKEAWAYS:  Lasting Connections | New Way of Networking | New Stories to Tell | Look Forward to Networking

Starting at $2,000 depending on duration and # of participants.


GOOD FOR:   Team Building | Career Development | Business Development | Networking Preparation 

At the root of all meaningful and long-term relationships is trust.  Creating teams and building professional connections with high levels of trust leads to increased productivity, innovation, and long-term engagement.  In this interactive workshop we use storytelling to build trust. Through out gamified approach, participants learn a surprisingly simple way to quickly establish high quality rapport in any setting.  Whether one’s goal is to lead a team, facilitate group forums, act as an ambassador for your business or foster stronger team relationships you’ll find this trust building workshop invaluable.  

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Quickly build trust and deepen professional relationships | Become relatable to your audience | Build your speaking skills | Increase Productivity | Lower Costs

Starting at $2,500 depending on duration and # of participants.

Networking for Introverts

GOOD FOR:   Career Development | Business Development | Networking Preparation 

This workshop offers specific tools and exercises that enable introverts to step into their strengths, resulting in higher levels of confidence and a willingness to take action when it comes to business development. While our culture suggests that introverts are not strong networkers or sales professionals, we know this is not only false but a cultural norm that restricts introverts from stepping into their full potential. Those who identify as introverts make up an estimated 33%-50% of the world’s population and many others experience introverted qualities during stress inducing situations such as networking. The reality is that introverts have many innate skills that when properly utilized can yield a high RON (return on networking). Learn to tackle networking with a plan and a storytelling approach and it won't even feel like networking.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Recognize Introverts innate business development skills | Enable introverts to speak up and increase their confidence to be heard  | Tap into the power of one’s originality | Create a plan and boundaries to ensure successful business development tactics

Starting at $2,500 depending on duration and # of participants.

StoryGenerator Series - Personal Stories for Professional Settings

GOOD FOR:  Leadership | Team Effectiveness | Career Development | Business Development

Each workshop in this series is priced individually.  You can take one, two or all three workshops depending on how far you want to progress through the series. You can simply learn an effective approach to finding more stories to be more engaging in casual situations or progress to delivering more effectively in presentation or on a professional stage.

Series starts at $7,000 depending on duration and # of participants.


Typical Duration: 90 Minutes

 Incorporating stories into your everyday communication provides a more effective way to get your ideas embraced, grow your business and build lasting relationships.  It can also keep people from playing Candy Crush or falling asleep when you are speaking.   Using our With 1 Word ® story game board we will jumpstart your creativity and prove just how many story worthy experiences you have.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Tap into your bottomless story well | Practice storytelling in a stress free environment | Pinpoint your storytelling strengths and areas for future development

 Starting at $2,500 depending on duration and # of participants.


Typical Duration: 90 Minutes

Prerequisite: StorySearching  

Let’s make a scene or several.  After finding your stories we will teach you how to shape your stories by building out scenes, adding little nuggets that make your stories sticky and adding meaning and purpose to your story. Using our With 1 Word ® scene game board you’ll have the opportunity to move your story elements around to see how that impacts your story and message.  Kind of like choose your own adventure!

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Move away from scripting and memorization to be more authentic | Practical method to visually build your story | Story game board allowing you to move story elements around to change impact

Starting at $2,500 depending on duration and # of participants.


Typical Duration: 90 Minutes

Prerequisite: StorySearching | StoryShaping

Presence is the present to your audience.  How you deliver your story will help make it even more memorable.   This session is full of story time where participants share their story and receive feedback on incorporating things like perfectly placed pauses, vocal variety, movement, and eye contact to keep the audience engaged, Enhance your audience’s experience while reinforcing your message.

KEY TAKEAWAYS:  Incorporate subtle non-verbal elements | Practice, practice, practice | In the moment feedback

Starting at $2,500 depending on duration and # of participants.

Brand StoryGenerator Series - Find and Develop the Stories that Define Your Business or Personal Brand

GOOD FOR: Business Development | Personal Development | Sales Teams | Businesses Defining/Redefining Themselves

Each workshop in this series is priced individually.  You can take one, two or all three workshops depending on how far you want to progress.

Series starts at $7,000 depending on duration and # of participants.

Finding BrandWorthy Stories

Typical Duration: 90 Minutes

Why we do what we do has been defined by our past and present experiences.  If we go into the way back machine, we can find all kinds of stories that help define why we do what we do.  Our With 1 Word® story game boards are just that, a way back machine, helping you tap into remembered and forgotten “why” stories.  During this session we’ll search for, shape and share those origin stories which will prepare us for working in the Pitch Machine.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Many stories make up brand origin story | Stories beget stories | Don’t have to look far for the Why

 Starting at $2,500 depending on duration and # of participants.

The Pitch Machine

Typical Duration: 90 Minutes

Prerequisite: Finding BrandWorthy Stories 

The Pitch Machine, it’s like no contraption that you’ve ever seen, whatever you want to pitch out loud, put in your whys, hows and whats and a pitch comes out. It’s really that easy.  Using the With 1 Word® concept you complete the Pitch Generator game boards, move your whys, hows and whats into different configurations and voila you are a “potential diviner” helping teams realize their untapped potential.   Whoa, that sounds awesome, and interesting and I want to learn more about how you do that.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: What I do can sound "baller" | Pitch Generator Game Board | Tap into your superpowers

Starting at $2,500 depending on duration and # of participants.

The Whole Story

Typical Duration: 90 Minutes

Prerequisite: Finding BrandWorthy Stories | The Pitch Machine

You’ve developed your origin story, you’ve developed your quick pitch, let’s mix them together and see what kind of chemical reaction we can create. During this session you will have a chance to practice your pitch to get people to lean in, then follow it with your brand story.  You’ll receive feedback, in the moment, from the AI coaches to help you net results.   

KEY TAKEAWAYS:  Practice, practice, practice | Feedback matters | Repeatable brand story approach as your brand evolves

Starting at $2,500 depending on duration and # of participants.

Create Engaging Virtual/Live Presentations With 1 Word®

GOOD FOR:  Professional Speakers | Executives | Career Development | Business Development

In this session you’ll learn alongside other speakers/presenters, Articulated Intelligence’s 3 prong approach on how to collect your content, organize it and then deliver it in a powerful and memorable way.  You’ll see how to visually lay out your entire presentation to ensure you are incorporating audience engagement, visuals, and stories,  using the With 1 Word game board.   This format also allows you to move away from memorization and instead focus on trigger words so you bring your true self to the stage (not the memorization robot).  Whether your content just needs a refresh or you’re starting from the very beginning we’re here to help you with every aspect of delivering a powerful presentation. 

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Build in elements of engagement and memorable stories | Flexible method for creating and modifying your presentation | Create visuals that keep you in the foreground and not a talking head

Starting at $2,500 depending on duration and # of participants.

Virtual Stage Manager/Zoom Moderator

GOOD FOR:   Speakers| Event Planners | HR Professionals | Trainers | Anyone Hosting a Virtual Meeting 

Having taken the virtual stage numerous times we know how stressful it can be to host, coordinate, lever pull, present, moderate and bring the energy.  Here’s the thing, you can delegate most of these responsibilities to us so you can focus 100% on your audience.  We’ll help you develop run of show, we’ll do practice runs with you and your crew, we’ll manage and engage people in chat to support your message, we’ll spotlight, we’ll manage breakout rooms, we’ll  moderate, we'll co-host and we’ll help build visuals that keep you front and center with your audience and not the little talking head in the box.  Hmm, maybe we should call ourselves Virtual Stress Managers!  We can also teach you how to do all these things with poise and flare.  You choose.

We will provide pricing based on the scope of services needed.