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Hi, I'm Keith


I've had a passion for public speaking since experiencing a seminal moment, while delivering a book report, in the 4th grade. From the hospitality industry to global corporate sales I learned the power of storytelling for profit, influence, and fun.


During my 16 years as a coach, 10+ years as a Toastmaster, and ongoing involvement in the National Speakers Association, I've learned that good speakers are created, not born.  To give everyone the opportunity to live life well spoken I co-founded Articulated Intelligence, a communication up-leveling firm where we developed With 1 Word®, a gamified storytelling technique to up your communication game and help prevent unintentional audience abuse.

Hi, I'm Alyce


I grew up wanting to be both a flight attendant and the POTUS. What do both have in common? They're constantly surrounded by people, they’re both filled with worldly adventures, and they both spoke to my deep passion of connecting with people and hearing their stories.

Although my journey working for the legal industry, the Canadian Government and a short layover at a middle school did not result in being a flight attendant nor the POTUS (yet) it has led me to the same end goal, connecting with people from all over the world to hear their stories and helping them live a life well spoken.

In 2012 I became a Certified Professional Coach sharing scientifically proven tools and my own experiences to coach, consult, and facilitate sessions on how to build meaningful and lasting relationships via effective communication skills, with a focus on storytelling. After running my own business for 7 years I met Keith Bailey.  Together, we co-founded Articulated Intelligence where our mission is helping people prevent unintentional audience abuse so that one's personal and professional brand stands out through the words they share with the world.

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Renee Headshot_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Renee


I'm the creatives corraller here at Articulated Intelligence.  My superpower is taking the incredible ideas my business partners think up and bring them to life through program design, marketing, and asset creation. 

I'm able to draw on my learning and development background in the education, medical, and real estate industries to bring variety, levity, and a bit of pragmatism to everything we do.


I grew up wanting to be an architect, and in a sense, that is what I do today, architect the design and direction of Articulated Intelligence.  What a joy!

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