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Engaging | Authentic | Storied 

We eat our own dogfood.  We teach people how to create presentations that engage the audience, incorporate stories, and are delivered with confidence and authenticity.  We hold ourselves to this same standard.  Try us and see. If we don't deliver, we'll eat your dog's food.

Got Networking Atrophy?

Tips To Build, Maintain, and Flex Your Network 

If you don't use it, you loose it.  With networking still being the most effective way to build your book of business, grow your sphere of influence, and find new professional opportunities,  developing a networking regiment is key to the health of your business.  Having a strategy around the time and energy one spends networking is directly correlated to your results and long-term success.  In this keynote you'll learn how to focus on three main areas to help you get bulk up your networking to achieve a return.

  • Build: Identify Insiders Vs. Outsiders (Sphere of Influence)

  • Maintain: Creating systems that are scalable and consistent

  • Flex: Ways to leverage follow ups to grow your business and influence

Live A Storied Life

The most powerful person in any room is the storyteller.  Why? because they can get buy in for their ideas from the CEO, they can convince HR to give them a promotion, and they can highlight to Finance why their budget should be approved.  Storytelling can help you in nearly every activity – networking, interviews, meetings, presentations, social events, and conversations around the dinner table.  A story can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, like do you have similar interests, common experiences or shared values.

During this keynote you’ll learn the With 1 Word® Storytelling Method showing you a repeatable approach to search for stories for any situation, how to shape them for maximum impact, and how to share them with authenticity and confidence. 

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