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Return on Networking (RON) Series

Curated | In-Depth | Concrete 

There's a lot of overhead curating comprehensive programs for your teams.  Especially when that's not the only thing you do.  From our a la carte menu of service we can create a delicious combo meal for your teams. Check out our Return on Networking Series as an example.

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A 6 month interactive series to enhance business development skills.

If you're going to invest time in networking,

you owe it to yourself to see a Return on Networking.

Session 1: Know Your Networking SWOT

Understanding your networking strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and thresholds will help you reframe your approach to networking.

Session 4: Intros That Spark Conversation

Create an introduction that is memorable, impactful, and sparks further conversation to move business forward.

Session 7: Networking Event

Put into practice what you’ve learned. From mindset to openers, from intros to follow up, this will be an opportunity to try things out, see what sticks, get feedback, and build muscle memory.

Session 2: Be Courageous, Memorable, Interested

Learn who to approach, to put the person before the profession, to incorporate stories, to listen, and to gracefully enter and exit conversations.

Session 5: Cultivating Connections

Once you’ve created a connection, the way you interact with that person moving forward defines if the relationship will sprout and grow or die on the vine.

Session 8: Networking Event Retrospective

You’ll have a chance to reflect on the networking event to identify things that went well, that went not so well, and to hear from others to help you prepare and improve for the next event.

Session 3: Networking Scavenger Hunt

Setting goals can change networking from a chore to a motivating challenge. Crowd source networking goals and walk away with tailored, actionable items.

Session 6: Networking Behind the Screen

A tremendous amount of networking happens via LinkedIn. Learn how to comment, like, generate value driven content, and become a thought leader.

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