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Blue Star Recyclers Gets a Gold Star

We are in the business of communication, specifically presenting, networking and storytelling. We are also students of communication, continually observing and appreciating different communication styles.

Alyce and I (this is Renee here, hi) had the opportunity to tour Blue Star Recyclers recently.  Eighty percent of their staff is neurodivergent and we got to observe and appreciate the communication style of the staff who work there.   It’s loud in the space!  The music is pumping, there are shredders and power tools going and it’s in a warehouse so you can imagine the acoustical effect. Not a place where you’d think a lot of “communication” is happening. But you see, the communication we experienced while there was expressed through concentrated focus, maximum efficiency, and communal support.  Getting to know each other wasn’t necessarily through chit chat around the water cooler but through appreciation of a job well done, of focusing on the task at hand, and showing (not telling) others how to disassemble a laptop or wipe a hard drive. 

Bill Morris who founded Blue Star Recyclers realized the valuable and innate skills that neurodivergent people have especially for systematic work like disassembling electronics.  This work requires a real focus to make sure data security and environmental protocols are followed.  Blue Star Recyclers meets the highest environmental standards in the industry and is a certified e-Stewards® recycler.

Not only are the staff doing important work to protect our data and save the environment, they are doing meaningful work.  Jonathan, Blue Star Recyclers’ BD Manager and our tour guide said to us, people who are neurodivergent understand the difference between meaningful work and folding pizza boxes.  Blue Star Recyclers has leaned into the skills that this incredible group has to offer and created a space for everyone to excel. 

I encourage everyone in the Denver Metro area (businesses and individuals) to take their electronics to Blue Star Recyclers.   From TVs and computers to ellipticals and hair dryers there isn’t much they don’t take, even that old fax machine or Mac from the 90s.  Currently there is a $0.69 per/lb recycling fee.  That is a nominal fee to dispose of items in a responsible manner and provide people who are neurodivergent the opportunity to have meaningful work, to help teach and support others, and be part of a community that is working to save the planet.

While you are there take a tour (coordinate ahead) and check out the spectrum of communication that occurs. 

To learn more about Blue Star Recyclers check out their website and don’t miss the awesome video of their story.

At Articulated Intelligence we love working with people with all communication styles and abilities. Let’s connect to see how we might be of service.

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