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Bye Bye Business Cards ~ Tips and Tricks from Miss Communication

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I believe in the not too distant future Business Cards will join the ranks of the land line, the fax machine and the cassette tape in the annals of history.   We really don’t need them anymore.  There are so many tech savvy options available that don’t cost anything or collect dust on our desks.  My option of choice, the built in “QR Code Connect” feature in the LinkedIn mobile app.  It is essentially a digital business card.  I say essentially as it doesn’t contain email or phone, but I am finding most initial conversations start in LinkedIn, then move on to exchanging of “digits”. 

Why is LinkedIn “QR Code Connect” my choice?  Well, several reasons:

  1. I always have my phone with me, so that means I always have my card with me. I’m never in the situation where I’m digging around in the bottom my bag to find a dirty, beaten up, old card.

  2. I eliminate the risk of losing a person’s card and I eliminate having to transpose their info into LinkedIn to find and connect with them. I know it sounds small, but seconds add up especially when they aren’t required.  Wasted seconds are longer than value add seconds.  😊

  3. This feature blows people’s mind. Talk about making an impression and being memorable. 

Check out the video to see how the “QR Code Connect” feature in LinkedIn works!


Articulated Intelligence works with business professionals, like you, to up your networking game so people want to scan your QR Code.  

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