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Lights, Camera, Frozen Face! 3 Steps to Prevent Virtual Presentation Tech Issues

Why!  Why, why, why, does the screen always freeze in the ogre face? And that really shouldn’t be the thing you are worried about in the middle of a high stakes virtual presentation that’s just gone sideways. But, it is the thing mocking you, when it happens, which is why you should take these 3 preventative actions prior to any virtual engagement you deliver.  

Step #1 - Update Your Virtual Platform

Go into that next session with the most up to date version of your presentation platform to avoid encountering the bugs, glitches and gremlins that existed in the older versions. Platforms like Zoom publish client updates monthly, with infrequent out-of-cycle updates as needed.    Total time = 5 to 10 minutes

Step #2 - Restart Your Computer

Word to the wise, don’t restart 5 minutes before the start of your sessions, if you do, this will be the time your computer decides to do an OS update.  Also, once it is restarted don’t open 50 tabs, 8 programs and 2 bottles of ketchup! (I put that in just to see if you are really reading this).  Use only what you need!  Opening only the programs that you are going to use for the delivery of your presentation will help reduce the possibility of a catastrophic shut down.     Total Time 5 to 10 minutes (but give yourself some wiggle room)

Tip #3 - Reboot Your Router

Our routers run every WIFI capable gadget in our households so it rarely gets a break. According to consumer reports, with all that workload your router can run out of memory and grind to a halt if you don’t give it a reboot occasionally.   With less than 1GB of on-board memory, the average wireless router can get hung up in download requests. But a quick reboot of your router will flush away all that baggage. And during a reboot, routers are pretty good at finding channels with less traffic, thereby raising their performance speeds.  Total Time: 5 to 10 minutes 

The next time you prepare for a virtual presentation, remember this quote by Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Schedule 20-30 as part of your presentation timeframe to do presentation prep to ensure you don’t pound your fists on the table while yelling at your frozen face. 

At Articulated Intelligence we help professionals prepare for virtual and live presentations so their message is concise, specific and memorable.  We'd love to work with you.  

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