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Never Miss Critical Emails with Conditional Formatting ~ Miss Communication

OMG, with the amount of emails we get, it is no wonder we miss some occasionally.  And, for some uncanny reason, the ones we miss tend to be the most important- time critical, important client, manager...

With every email coming in looking the same, our eyes glaze over and one email blends into the next.  But it doesn't have to be that way if you have the Outlook Desktop App.

In this video, I show you how to setup conditional formatting, which is really a fancy way of saying assigning different fonts, colors, and sizes to specific email addresses, so they stand out when they hit your Inbox. 

While you're in the Conditional Formatting screen, look around and check out all the other options you can setup.  You can color code emails based on:

  • specific words being included in the subject line or body

  • if you are cc'ed

  • only items with attachments

  • and more...

Although this formatting does not apply in Microsoft365 or Outlook Mobile App it's at least one small step to avoid running into me, Miss Communication.

For those of you using Gmail, I've not found a similar option.  If you know of one, reach out!

Articulated Intelligence focuses on making your presentations, networking skills and overall communications more colorful (in a good way).  Contact us, we'll chat you up on how.  


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