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Uncommon Networking Approaches on the Uncommon Communicator Podcast

When someone offers you a mint you say "Thank you" and take the mint. In this podcast with James Gable, The Uncommon Communicator creator and Podcast host,  Keith Bailey offers up some refreshing mints of advice to ensure you experience a Return On Networking. If you are going to invest time in networking, you owe it to yourself to see a return.

Here's a sneak preview, provided by James, on what you'll learn from the podcast.   Get your earbuds and listen along as you, jog, take a brain break from work, tend the garden, or unwind on the couch.

"Here's a promise—you're about to discover the secrets of effective networking and communication. Keith shares his unique strategies including showing up early at networking events and re-establishing connections with people within your existing network. He also emphasizes the power of setting an intention before entering a conversation and taking the time to understand the person before their profession. So, buckle up friends, this is not just another podcast episode, it's your gateway to becoming a networking maestro. With Keith's expert guidance, you're about to redefine your approach to communication and networking."

Check out the complete episode on YouTube At: Mastering the Art of Networking and Communication with Keith Bailey.

At Articulated Intelligence we'll help supplement your YouTube learning with tailored coaching, accountability, and huge celebrations as you achieve your return on networking!  Reach out to see how we can support you.

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