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How to Avoid the 3rd Grade Smile When Introducing Yourself

Explaining what you do can be challenging. You know what I mean!  As you dive into an explanation it likely sounds like this to the other person… “The sweet almond housing mixed up with the people’s isoms gets that way with it sometimes”.   The person you are talking with typically just nods and smiles while their eyes glaze over.   Or, if they’ve worked with a lot of people in your field, they've probably heard the spiel before, and once again their eyes glaze over and the 3rd grade smile shows up. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if instead they leaned in, perhaps even laughed, then launched into questions and conversation?  As a network coach, Alyce has been experimenting with this for years, working on cracking the code on how to create connections quickly in high stakes situations.  Keith too, was on a similar path, weaving in personal stories in professional settings to create a stronger impact.   When Keith and Alyce met that fateful day in 2017, BOOM, the 0s and 1s all started to fall into place.  Crafting Strategic Introductions that Differentiate and Spark Conversation is an Interactive Alyce and Keith created to help you come up with creative and memorable sound bites around what you do.   Then, using the Articulated Intelligence With 1 Word® storytelling method you'll find stories to bring to life what you do, creating opportunities for conversation and connection.

We’d love to work with your sales team, your associates, or just you, to create an introduction you're excited about and avoids the 3rd grade smile!

Live life well spoken.

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