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Don't Get 'Saur', Get Scrappy ~ Miss Communication

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

If there is one thing Miss Communication loves, it's Easter Eggs.  Those hidden little gems found in applications or games, that make you feel so cool when you are in the know and that typically help you work smarter or faster in some capacity.

You may not think the internet not working is a way to work smarter or faster, but hear me out.  When you get the "No Internet" message on Chrome take it as a sign to do 2 things:

#1 - Take a Brain Break

When the No Internet dinosaur pops up on your screen, rather than getting frustrated take it as an opportunity to refresh you mind and embrace play.  There is a hidden game at your fingertips when this message appears and some harmless, low-risk entertainment may be just what you need to come up with that next brilliant idea or to solve the complex problem that's been nagging you.  Watch the video to see how to start the game!

#2 - Get Scrappy!

Even though your internet is down I bet your phone still works.  Thanks cellular.  This is the perfect time to CALL a client or a colleague and have an actual conversation. No one calls anymore so imagine their surprise.  It will be memorable and it's likely you'll get more accomplished, in a shorter amount of time, than the 10 back and forth emails you've been sending.  Plus, you won't run into me, Miss Communication!    

At Articulated Intelligence we can help you prepare for those scrappy conversations using our, think on your feet, With 1 Word® communication technique.  Reach out, we'll call you back.  


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