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How Do You Build Relationship Equity? You visit the Mall of America!

This is Keith Bailey. Live on location out here in Minnesota at none other than the Mall of America. It's incredible. There is a theme park inside of a mall. 

I just wrapped up a four hour facilitation with Walman Instruments, focused on building relationship equity.

We started the facilitation focusing on where many business relationships start, via Networking.  We practiced and developed an understanding of skills that can help us know and like each other from the very first conversation.

We then followed that relationship as it matures and worked on finding opportunities to cultivate existing clients relationships to develop trust and loyalty.

To round out the facilitation we focused inward and dove deep into team building, to further develop and solidify relationships we have with the people that are part of our day to day and that influence how we show up every day.   

Over all, our time together was about investing in relationships by putting the person before the profession.

Articulated Intelligence is a relationship equity investment firm.  If you’d like to increase your relationship equity, reach out, we’d love to work with you on investment strategies that help you achieve your business goals.  

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