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No, you don't need a decoder ring to translate the title. We'll break it down for you here as we lauch our 2024 Articulated Intelligence (AI) Live on Location (LOL) initative. And, we realize it's not yet 2024 but, if you are early you are on time!

AI LOL are quick video glimpses into our networking, speaking, and faciliating activities to see how we are preparing, what we are thinking, how we are feeling, and how things went.

In our first AI LOL Alyce is preparing for the last Denver Metro Chamber Leads Connection networking event of 2023. Check out her mindset going in, some techniques she applied, and how she thinks it went.

You're probably thinking, wait, you didn't tell us what the ABC is... you'll have to watch the video to find out.

At Articulated Intelligence we can help you with developing your networking goals, memorable introductions and your ABCs.

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